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What Is A Wait And Load Service?

If you have rubbish, old furniture, building materials, and other unwanted items that need to be removed from your property, there are several options available.

One option is to hire a skip. A waste collection company will deliver the skip and leave it on your property for several days, giving you time to fill it with rubbish. Once the skip is full, they will come back and pick it up, taking your waste to a nearby waste processing facility.

But what do you do if a skip is impractical? There might not be enough room to place a skip on your property or there could be council regulations which make it difficult to use a skip. You might prefer to avoid having a skip take up valuable space at your home or place of business for several days.

In these situations, the best solution is to use a wait and load service. Wait and load involves a waste collection team arriving at your property with a skip or rubbish truck. The driver will wait as you load your waste.

Once all of your rubbish and unwanted items is loaded, the driver immediately takes your waste to a local waste management facility for processing. It’s a fast, simple, and affordable way to deal with waste.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Wait And Load Service?

The fast way to get rid of waste

Wait and load is ideal for whenever you have a pile of waste or unwanted items that you want to get rid of fast. Simply call a waste collection company and they will arrange for a vehicle to come to your property.

Most companies offer a same day wait and load service, where they arrive at your door within a couple of hours of your initial contact. It’s a very convenient way to remove waste from your home, building site, investment property, or place of business.

No need for a council permit

Many councils will require homeowners and businesses to obtain a permit before placing a skip on their property. Although this is a relatively straightforward process, it can be a hassle at times. This is particularly true when you have a lot of rubbish that you want to get rid of in a hurry. Using a wait and load service means you will not require a permit.

An affordable option for waste removal

Using a wait and load service is often cheaper than skip hire or a house clearance. That’s because you will only be charged for the time that the pickup crew is at your property and for the total weight of the waste being picked up.

You won’t waste money accidentally hiring a skip that is too large for your requirements. Additionally, you can also avoid the additional expense of a slow moving clearance crew who take longer than expected to clear your property. All of the waste from your property will be ready to throw into a skip or garbage pick truck, so it’s a very fast process.

No risk of fly tipping

One of the main problems associated with skip hire is that other people might start using the skip while it is placed on your property. This problem is referred to as ‘fly tipping’. You might end up with a skip half full of other people’s rubbish, including hazardous items like asbestos, which will be a real hassle to get rid of.

When you use a wait and load service, the skip is only in place for a couple of hours, so there is no opportunity for fly tipping to occur.

You won’t have an unsightly skip on your drive or road

When you hire a skip, it can only be placed in a location that is accessible to the vehicle dropping it off. This is often the front yard or driveway of a property. As a result, you will have a huge skip in view for several days as you fill it up.

If you own a business or like to keep your property looking neat and tidy, this can be an issue. When you use a wait and load service, the skip will only be in place for an hour or two, while you load your waste.

More flexibility

When you use a skip hire service, you are restricted by the size of the skip. Once the skip is full, you will need to order another one. If you opt for a wait and load, they will bring an extremely large skip or garbage truck to collect your waste. In terms of space, this is the equivalent of three or four average skips. You will have plenty of room for bulky items and can quickly dispose of tons of waste.

A sustainable way to deal with waste

When you use a wait and load service that is provided by a licensed waste carrier, they will adhere to the regulations established by the UK Environment Agency. This means that any recyclable or re-usable material will be removed from your waste during processing. This can reduce waste disposal costs and the amount of material going into landfill.

Easy to arrange

A wait and load service couldn’t be any simpler to arrange. All you need to do is make a quick phone call to a local waste collector and they will arrange a time for the pickup. Because there are no permits involved, there are no delays.

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