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Why You Should Hire Professionals For Your House Clearance

There are dozens of waste management companies operating in London. Each business typically offers a variety of services including house and flat clearances, furniture removal, junk disposal, and green waste removal.

Although these business often look the same, it’s important to understand that the quality of service they offer can be different. Some are professional businesses with a waste removal license, while others are unlicensed amateurs who simply have an old truck that they use to transport waste around town.

If you decide to hire an amateur business, you may not get the service you expect and might run into some issues which can cost you a lot of money. To help you understand the importance of choosing the right waste collection provider, here are a few reasons to hire a professional for your next house clearance.

The Importance Of Hiring A Professional Waste Disposal Company

Fully licensed waste disposal

A professional waste collection company will have all of the approvals in place to legally collect, transport, and dispose of waste. They will also be registered with the Environment Agency and have a waste carrier license that can be verified on the Environment Agency website.

When you use a licensed waste collector, you know that your waste is handled safely and transported to a licensed waste management facility. When it arrives, you can be sure it is processed in accordance with Environment Agency regulations.

In addition, when you use a licensed waste carrier you will receive evidence showing where your waste has been taken, including a:

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    Waste transfer note

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    Official weight ticket (with details of the facility’s site license)

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    Detailed invoice

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    Description of the waste being removed

Having access to this paperwork is particularly important for businesses, as they are legally required to keep information on their waste management practices. All of this paperwork gives your business a complete audit trail of your waste.

If you use an amateur waste management business, they may not be licensed and may not be able to provide you with this type of information. If you own a business, this can expose you to significant legal risk.

Sustainable waste management service

Professional waste carriers will always take your waste to a licensed waste management facility for processing. This guarantees that any recyclable or re-usable items will be removed and diverted from landfill. Any e-waste or potentially hazardous items will also be removed from your waste.

By correctly processing your waste, the amount of material that is going into landfill will be dramatically reduced. It is a sustainable approach that leads to better outcomes for the environment and the local community.

If you use an amateur company, there is no guarantee that your waste will be processed in an ecologically sensitive way. This could lead to an excessive amount of waste going into landfill, including items which should have been re-used or recycled.

Your waste won’t be illegally dumped

Illegal dumping is still very common across the UK. Unlicensed waste collection companies often pick up material from a local business or household then dump it in a nearby forest or river.

Unfortunately, this causes incredible damage to the environment and costs local authorities vast amounts of money to clean up. If your waste is illegally dumped, it can also cost you a lot of money, as you will be fined if the waste it traced back to you.

When you use a professional company you know that your waste will responsibly handled and processed. There is no risk of any waste being dumped and you know exactly where it has been processed.

Reliable collections and excellent customer support

Professional waste collection companies have policies and procedures in place to handle bookings. This makes them more reliable and punctual compared to an amateur business. It also improves the quality of the customer support that you receive.

Less risk of damage to your property

Whenever you invite someone into your home to remove bulky items, there is a risk of damage to your property if they bump into a wall, window or door. This risk is greatly reduced if you use a professional company as they have extensive training on how to safely handle bulky items. You can avoid the hassle of having to make an insurance claim or patch up damage.

Comprehensive insurance

A professional company will have employers liability insurance and comprehensive vehicle insurance. They will also have third party liability insurance which covers you against physical injury and damage to your property.

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House Clearance.


House Clearance in London. The on demand junk clearance service. With our household waste removal service we can have your home cleared at short notice, no matter how much bulky waste you have to clear.

Flat Clearance.


Flat clearance London, we clear any flat that requires to be part or fully cleared of unwanted old furniture, white goods, electrical waste & household junk from any floor in your home.

Furniture Disposal.


Furniture disposal London, For old sofa, chairs, tables, beds, mattress, chest of drawers and all other unwanted household & commercial furniture for removal & recycling.

Garage Clearance.


Garage Clearance in London. With our waste removal service, we can have your garage cleared the same day or at a scheduled time, even if you’ve let years worth of junk and rubbish build up.

Cellar & Loft Clearance.


Cellar and Loft clearance London.  They’re great places to store your old goods, but when you leave your old waste and rubbish too long, pests and dirt can take over. If you need a waste or junk removal service in those harder to access areas, our cellar and loft clearance teams can help.

Rubbish Removal.


Rubbish Removal London. sameday or scheduled rubbish removal and waste clearance from our man and van teams. We do all the work for you whether you need to clear out a room in a flat or a full house clearance. Majority of the waste clearance and rubbish removal service we provide is recycled.

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